In which Dustin eats gross things for charity…

So, I recently agreed to lend my bowling “skills” to my wife’s Bowl for Kids’ Sake team. One of my responsibilities to the team was to come up with a name…which I failed at. My other task was to help raise money for the team to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters. Donations were slow at first (read: non-existant), so in order to make up for my inability to come up with a team-sanctioned name, I decided to up the ante and make sure we reached our $100 minimum donation threshold by promising to eat a package of uncooked hot dogs if I received at least 5 donations of $10 or more in 24 hours.

Well, thanks to my friends and family (namely: Jody, Carter, Kris, Charlotte, Shannon, Brad & Sarah, Vickie, and Cedric), we have surpassed our first donation goal…and being a man of my word, it was time for me to pay up. The accompanying video is visual proof that I satisfied my end of the deal. If you choose to view, you’ll see me chomp through 10 Oscar Meyer wieners straight out of the package, all in the name of helping to keep kids facing adversity off drugs and in school via professionally supported one-to-one youth mentoring.

We still have an overall goal of $250 to hit, and we’re not quite halfway there, so perhaps this is just the beginning of my gastronomical fundraising challenges… In the meantime, if you’d like to help the cause, click here.


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